IB Franchise Indonesian Only

All In One

We provide more than 25 broker, just use one login to access all your broker

Simplifying Access

No need to access each your broker, in our website you can create account with the fastest way


Broker Choice

We provide the rated broker in our list, no more worries to choose any broker you want to trade

No Limit
Account Type

We come with many broker, so you can open any trading account depend on your trading style

80% Commission

Get highest rebate up to 80% from IB Commission for every close trade


We pay your rebate without requirement if the broker has paid to us


Payment Method

You can choose all of payment method for your rebate payment

No Request

You can set automatically payment for your rebate, no need to request anymore

Fast & Auto

We've made automatically system for your deposit, so it will be fast

No Limit

No more worries about limiting withdrawal, you can request withdraw with any amount


Get Low Rate

You have an opportunity to get cheaper deposit rate if our stock available

Fastest Method

You can use our wallet for forex transaction in a second

All Broker
No Limit

In our forex copy system, you still can do copy trade even if your broker have it


You don't need to rent VPS for using our copy trade serivce, as easy as click follow in the website


Detail & Free

You can Monitor your trading activity from our website, no need to open metatrader everytime

Low Cost
Cheaper Fee

You don't need to spent more money and you will get the high quality service from us

Are you ready ?

Rebate Panel

All You Can Use For Global Market

Build your Own business

Rebate Panel provide a system to you. You can make your forex business without hesitate. We will support with our system, and you can focus to expand your forex business.

Automated Report system

Rebate Panel give an automated report system in your Cabinet Area. You don't need to make a manual report, make a complicate calculation about your commission and any else. With Rebate Panel, every commission that you get it will be calculated automated and will serve automated to you as a report.


Handling Configuration

You can setup your commission and share to your client or maybe your agent. You don't need to make some complicated calculation and waste your time to do that.

Promote your own Brand

Rebate Panel is a platform rebate for your forex business. You can still promote your own brand and we will help you in IT Service. You only need to integrated your website to Rebate Panel using API.

More Info? Go to Rebate Panel